Thursday, 21 April 2011

And the “Best Breakfast Award” goes to ………….. Little Chef, Popham

Last weekend we went down to see some friends in Wiltshire and our journey took us past the services on the A303 at Popham and the famous “Heston” Little Chef.  In 2008 Heston Blumenthal set about re-vamping Little Chef and the one at Popham has been in The Good Food Guide two years running (2010 and 2011). So we decided to break our trip on Hector (The Prawn King’s trusty Ducati Monster 1100) and, in the spirit of London 2012, stop for an “Olympic Breakfast”. Completely delicious. A very clean and tasty true British fry up with crispy bacon, proper sausages and black pudding which could convert any nonbeliever.  I went for fried eggs which were nice however not quite crispy enough on the bottom for me, but the scrambled eggs were seriously good, creamy and silky. Yum.

The only issue comes when trying to zip up your already tight leather biking jacket post-Olympic Breakfast……………………..

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  1. I think perhaps we need to be a little more Olympic in our pre-London Triathlon (gulp) training and little less Olympic in our dining...wouldn't you say dear!

    Who'd have thought - the Little bloody Chef - get in!